Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Validating Product Ideas with
Tomer Sharon: Finding answers to
your burning questions

Celebrate the publication of Tomer Sharon’s new book, Validating Product Ideas, with a fun, interactive talk.

Learn from Tomer about his experience writing the book, including research with over 200 product managers, startup founders, and venture capitalists from all over the world. From this research, Tomer structured Validating Product Ideas around these four burning questions that product managers and startup founders frequently ask themselves about their users (or potential users): 

  1. What do people need?
  2. Do people want the product?
  3. Which design generates better results?
  4. How do people find stuff?

For each question, Tomer will briefly explain the question, why it is important to ask, and when in the design process it is a good time to ask it. Then, Tomer will then facilitate a short open discussion about the methods by which to answer the question.

Shiny new books will be raffled (the rest sold), autographs will be given, food will be eaten, and drinks will be, well, drunk. 

Tomer Sharon

Tomer is Head of User Experience at WeWork in New York City leading a team that designs work and living spaces, communities, and services around the world. Formerly a senior user experience researcher at Google Search, Tomer is the author of the book, “Validating Product Ideas through Lean User Research” (2016) and author of, “It’s Our Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects” (2012). He founded and led The Israeli Chapter of the User Experience Professionals’ Association and has been preaching and teaching UX  at Google’s LaunchPad program, a bootcamp for early-stage startups around the world, in conferences, and at Treehouse and General Assembly. Tomer holds a master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University in Waltham, MA. He is @tsharon on Twitter and Instagram.

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